I find inspiration all around me – I find it in people that I meet whether it is just a momentary meeting or a lifelong friendship. Love, purity and joyful magic can be found anywhere when you look for it.

It is very rare that you meet someone who not only inspires you but who changes your life. For me, this person is Shri Guruvanand Ji Swamy. He is an enlightened soul, a guru, a teacher who has taught me many lessons. But the main lesson that has stayed with me is to live life with happiness. A concept that I feel most of us ignore- we seek happiness in work, material things and other aspects of life when real happiness comes from your heart.


Shri Gurudev is a divine incarnate and a self-realized soul who has invoked all his 7 Spiritual Centres of Divine Energy (Sapta Kundalini Chakras). Through intense meditation and spiritual discipline (Sadhana), he has rediscovered all of the Sidhis (divine powers) of ancient sages which were lost over time. With his divine power, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people in distress. His mission is to guide us to liberation while we continue to fulfill our worldly duties.